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I am new to .NET. I am facing a problem . My question is that I have a data grid control and I am using the asp text boxes in my grid instead of the bound field. In my grid there is a blank row at the top and user can enter the data in these text boxes and after entering the and press the enter I want that my grid is position from the values entered by the user. Means the row at top is matching the data enter by the user.

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what is the positioning problem? can you post the code?

select * from trnhst order by xwe4nb desc

the above sql query places the newest on top

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Actually positioning is not the problem . I want to know how to do the positioning in the ASP grid view if u want then I post my .aspx and handler. Again I want to mention that I want that the starting position of my grid start from the given value. –  Prashant Mishra Oct 5 '09 at 10:32
@capsoft: Do not use answers to ask supplementary questions, use the add comment feature under the question instead. –  AnthonyWJones Oct 5 '09 at 12:08
@prashant mishra you mean order by? please post the code for filling the grid. @anthonywjones sorry! –  JP Hellemons Oct 5 '09 at 12:20
Not orderby // Prepare query StringBuilder qry = new StringBuilder("SELECT XWE4NB, XWDLDT, XWC8DT, XWRICD, XWBNCD, ") .Append("XWBCCD, XWABCD, XWAACS, XWT8TX, XWORDN, ") .Append("XWAGCD, XWAHCD, XWAICD, PERSON, XWBDCD") .Append(" FROM TRNHST"); this is my query and DataGrid.DataSource = rs; DataBind(); and this is the code for filling the data –  Prashant Mishra Oct 5 '09 at 13:17
and with select * from trnhst order by xwe4nb desc ? –  JP Hellemons Oct 5 '09 at 14:25

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