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Hi I'm trying to learn how to use snakeYAML.

I want to save a Library object so I can load it again when I start my application. Simply I want to store my library with books in it. Internet told me yaml was a good way to do this.

I have to following class:

public class Library {
private HashMap<String, List<Book>> library; 

public Library() {
    library = new HashMap<String, List<Book>>();

public HashMap<String, List<Book>> getHashMap() {
    return library;

public void setHashMap(HashMap<String, List<Book>> library) {
    this.library = library;

and now I want to serialize it using a main method:

public static void main(String[] args) {

    Library library = new Library();
    LinkedList<Book> books = new LinkedList<Book>();

    books.add(new Book("Some title", false));
    books.add(new Book("Other Title", true));

    library.putMany("books", books);

    System.out.println(new Yaml().dump(books));

but I only get the output:

- !!model.Book {done: false, title: Some title}
- !!model.Book {done: true, title: Other Title}

and something tells me I'm missing out on something like the Library itself.

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That must be because you are only dump()ing the list of two books, not the entire Library.

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Of course! Such a simple mistake! With that I have closure! Thanks! – Lurvas777 Mar 4 '13 at 14:57

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