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I wrote this code, which should cause an error, but no error is showing!

    echo "s";
    header("Location: /index2.php");

Because header() is after the echo, PHP should error out with headers already sent; but no error shows, and the page successfully redirects to index2.php!

How can I see the error? Why does the redirect take place?

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Your output is probably buffered. – Musa Mar 3 '13 at 23:10

Check wether Output buffering is activated.

It is the same as ob_start, but implicit.

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Really, First time I'm seeing someone who really wants to see the header already sent error. Something that usually offends me big time. since I solve it by using ob_start() and ob_flush, I think in your case, the server is solving the buffer problem for you.

Try using PHP ob_end_flush() to turn off buffer. Or read this:

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