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I am pretty new to python and I am trying to make a database using dicts in python 2.7. I am now stumped on how to put the lists into a dict and then again into a dict for the database. I have been searching for weeks on how to do this . I have functions that get the album, artist, year, track number and path for MP3 files. I am getting the data I want I just don't know how to get the data in a dict of a dict. This loop below gives me the values of the keys I want to use.

    for x in FileList():
for artist in getArtist(x):
    for track in getTrack(x): 
        for year in getYear(x):

I hope I provided enough information for someone to help me figure this out. I am wanting to stay away from CSV files for the time being since I think it is important for me to know how to do this within Python.

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First of all: do not mix TAB and space characters, like you do in your example code.

For creating a dictionary with the various lists, just create the dictionary with appropriate keys and the list as values:

dict_of_list = dict(
    pathlist = pathlist,
    artistlist = artistlist,
    tracklist = tracklist,
    yearlist = yearlist,


dict_of_list = {
    'pathlist': pathlist,
    'artistlist': artistlist,
    'tracklist': tracklist,
    'yearlist': yearlist,

The second version of creating would allow keys other than strings.

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