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i have an NSArray with bool values: NSArray* boolResults = [super foo:values]; how can i change the value in cell 0?

i tried the following: boolResults[0] = @NO; this results in an error: Expected method to write array element not found on object of type 'NSArray *'

and also this: BOOL* b = &[[array objectAtIndex:i] boolValue]; got the following error: Address expression must be an lvalue or a function designator

i don't wish to convert this NSArray to NSMutableArray in order to set this value, is there a normal way to do this?


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No. NSArrays are immutable. You could reassign your pointer to the array with a modified NSArray.

NSArray *anArray = [super foo:values]
NSMutableArray *mutableCopy = [anArray mutableCopy];
// change your mutable copy and then reassign
anArray = [mutableCopy copy];

And just like NSArray, NSNumbers are also immutable, so something like [anArray[0] setBoolValue:NO] does not exist.

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If the array isn't mutable, then you can't change that value. The solutions are two:

  1. Make the array mutable;
  2. Let the array contain mutable objects.

Since you don't want to use a mutable array, I'll make you an example with the second solution. Since there isn't a mutable number in the standard framework, I'll wrap it into NSMutableData. The example supposes that you have an array with a single object, with value @YES, and you want to change it to @NO:

NSNumber* number= @YES;
NSMutableData* data=[[NSMutableData alloc]initWithData: [NSKeyedArchiver archivedDataWithRootObject: number]];
NSArray* array= @[data];   // Now you have an array with a single value
// You want to change the first value to @NO:  
number= @NO;
[array[0] setData: [NSKeyedArchiver archivedDataWithRootObject: number]];
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boolResults[0] = @NO; is correct if boolResult is an NSMutableArray –  Sebastian Mar 3 '13 at 23:48

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