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Currently I am developing java webapps using spring-mvc. I would like to add a protlet feature to my webapps (something similar to Jira's homepage).

Can you recommend a software which will give me this feature?

Since I am already using spring-mvc,I would rather use a third party instead of a new framework.

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Spring has portlet support, so you can continue using it as the framework. As for a portlet container - I'd recommend Liferay.

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you link to spring docs v2.0 you should at least link to 2.5.x – Patrick Cornelissen Oct 15 '09 at 7:05
Thanks - updated to point to the 2.5.x docs – Nate Oct 15 '09 at 18:18

You should use spring portlets. It's very similar to spring mvc.

But make sure that you use Spring framework V3+ to have portlet 2.0 support. Otherwise you don't have events etc.

As Portlet container/portal you might want to have a look at liferay which is pretty good looking or software like jboss portal server which needs a nicer theme but is (IMHO) better structured in the inside. (Might end up in less pain) ;-)

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