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Someone who works with MVC4 and the SIMPLEMEMBERSHIP knows how can I get a username by the userId? The user is not logged in and I want to delete it, and to delete I have to use

Membership.DeleteUser(string username)
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You could use the GetUserNameFromId method of the SimpleMembershipProvider as such:

SimpleMembershipProvider provider = new SimpleMembershipProvider();
string name = provider.GetUserNameFromId(id);

Ensure you have a reference to WebMatrix.WebData so you can use the SimpleMembershipProvider.

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This does not work for me. Is there another way? I get the following error: "You must call the "WebSecurity.InitializeDatabaseConnection" method before you call any other method of the "WebSecurity" class. This call should be placed in an _AppStart.cshtml file in the root of your site." But strangely, I already have the call in my _AppStart.cshtml because I've gotten this error before. If I try to make the call again it tells me you can't call it more than once... – TTT Mar 28 '13 at 6:57
If you ask this as a separate question and post a link to the question here, I will be able to provide a fuller answer for you. – Alistair Findlay Mar 28 '13 at 21:32
SimpleMembershipProvider provider = (SimpleMembershipProvider)Membership.Provider;

string username= provider.GetUserNameFromId(12345); 

//12345 is the id in SM UserProfile db table
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