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I just started Play framework(2.1) and copied sample project (Zentasks) and customising. I removed all the previous view, controller and model classes. When I run the app, my browser shows evolution script and I must run the script. But I do not want to create and execute this script because I have got already my database and tables before this app. \ In addition, there are still DDLs in the script creates tables already deleted. I removed the evolutions directory again and again, the file auto generated and I did now work.

I want to understand how it works and know how to avoid this annoying?


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I may find the answer: evolutionplugin=disabled in my conf file. –  sunghun Mar 4 '13 at 0:35

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There is commented option evolutionplugin=disabled in application.conf for this, just uncomment it:

# Evolutions
# ~~~~~
# You can disable evolutions if needed

To make it working again, just comment it or set its value to enabled

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