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I am using IOKit to obtain some information

kr = IOServiceGetMatchingServices(kIOMasterPortDefault, IOServiceNameMatching("AppleUSBEHCI"), &io_objects);
kr = IORegistryEntryCreateCFProperties(child, &child_props,  kCFAllocatorDefault, kNilOptions );
            NSLog(@"Child props: %@", child_props);
            //release child_props


sn = (CFStringRef) CFDictionaryGetValue(child_props, CFSTR("IOCFPlugInTypes"));
NSLog(@"sn: %@", sn);

I am going after the key IOCFPlugInTypes:

It works, I get back:

{ "9dc7b780-9ec0-11d4-a54f-000a27052861" = "IOUSBFamily.kext/Contents/PlugIns/IOUSBLib.bundle"; }

But what I need to do next is just get the part that says: 9dc7b780-9ec0-11d4-a54f-000a27052861

Can anyone help me work through this?

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Here CFDictionaryGetValue is returning another object of type CFDictionaryRef (not string as you type casted). So "9dc7b780-9ec0-11d4-a54f-000a27052861" is the key in that dictionary. You should be doing something like below:

CFTypeRef sn = (CFTypeRef)CFDictionaryGetValue(child_props, CFSTR("IOCFPlugInTypes"));
if (CFDictionaryGetTypeID() == CFGetTypeID(sn))
    int dictSize = CFDictionaryGetCount(sn);
    CFStringRef * keys = (CFStringRef*)malloc (dictSize * sizeof (CFStringRef));
    CFDictionaryGetKeysAndValues (sn, keys, NULL);
    for (int i = 0; i < dictSize; i++)
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