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I have a service method in grails that was working fine.

It pulls a JSON via a GET request. After moving to prod we had to change the protocol to HTTPS and now I am getting an exception.

Is there anything I have to change to use the HTTPS protocol? I look all over The HTTPBuilder Documentation and I could not find a single reference to using HTTPS. I also could not find a example on Google.

            def reportList = new ArrayList()
        def result
        //TODO Dynamic PatientKey
        def http = new HTTPBuilder( 'https://mydomain/servicename?key=' + key )

        reportList = null
        http.request( GET, JSON ) { req ->

          headers.Accept = 'application/json'

          response.success = { resp, reader ->

            reportList = reader.getAt("patientReports")



    [ reportList : reportList ]
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what's the exception? –  uchamp Mar 4 '13 at 5:08

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Whats the exception you are getting? please check that SSL certificate is valid for the website. More here.


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Thanks for the reference. We just ended up going with a front-end jQuery solution however. –  anataliocs Mar 11 '13 at 14:16
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This Grails plugin solution works well in a test or local env because Same-Origin Policy will prevent you from implementing a front-end jQuery AJAX call since the domains are different.

In Prod, since HTTPS was used, and since the domains are the same, a jQuery AJAX call works much better then having the logic in the controller and using the REST plugin.

$.getJSON('${YOUR_URL}', function(data){ var yourData = data.yourData; //Operate on data here });
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