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Is there a way to generate attributes using JavaScript in Jade?

In something, like EJS, one could do:

<div <?- bool ? 'attribute' : 'no attribute' ?>>

There is no equivalent in Jade, apparently. Sure I could do:


And Jade would generate the appropriate HTML output for this attribute. But as far as I can tell, there is no way to write anything more complex than this.

The question isn't whether this would be needed; One could probably get by without this. However, is it possible in Jade and I'm just not aware?

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Depending on your exact scenario, you have a few options.

If 'no attribute' is trying to exclude attribute, you can set it to null or undefined (though, as you already noted, false can also work):

div(attribute=condition ? 'value' : null)

If, however, your intent is attribute swapping, you can accomplish this with embedded markup and interpolation:

| <div #{bool ? 'attribute' : 'no-attribute'}>

Or, I believe you have to condition each separately:

div(attribute=bool, no-attribute=!bool)

There's also been some suggestions of specifying attributes from an object, such as #664 which offers a possible alternative with mixins.

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Interesting. The only problem is that it's HTML not Jade. If I wanted to nest children for this element, how does it play in the indentation flow of the Jade template? –  Sam Mar 4 '13 at 8:31

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