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Many times I need to share css variables and mixins between files. What I have done, is just move variables into a separate file named 'variables.css.scss' and then

 @import 'variables' to whatever sheets need 'em.

This works locally, because that separate file actually exists. But, after compiling assets (like on heroku) that file is no where to be found...triggering load path error.

Is there a way of keeping variables and mixins DRY?

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So Heroku is taking care of building the SCSS files? And you're sending all SCSS files to heroku (e.g. they're not in your .gitignore) –  Simon Boudrias Mar 4 '13 at 5:01

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@import is just like a partial. For whatever reason my local environment is not being as strict as the heroku API is (strict is better). All I needed to fix this was change the actual file name from 'variables.scss' to '_variables.scss'...just like a partial. Heroku is happy now...

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