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If I look at the file's bytes I can definately see some of the function names in there. Is there any tool that will list them for me? Maybe even their parameters too?

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This should print all defined symbols within your object file or library.

nm -C --defined-only file.o

nm has quite a lot of options that you could use to filter out the symbols like -g for displaying only global symbols, -l for printing the line number (if you had used gcc -g to enable debug symbols) and so on.

If you have an ELF format binary (looks to be your case), you could also use readelf

readelf -Ws file.o

The column number 8 in this output contains the symbol name which is of interest. You could use c++filt to demangle the name:

readelf -Ws file.o | awk '{print $8}' | c++filt
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