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I would like to be able to switch between using Visual Studio with C#-addins (Resharper, TestDriven.Net and VisualSVN) and C++-addins (Visual Assist X and VisualSVN). I have found that Resharper and Visual Assist X does not coexist very well and I would like an easy way to change between them.

Anyone know how to do that? If I can have different key-bindings for each profile, that would be a big plus - as would the ability to have different instances of Visual Studio running in different profiles.

Virtual machines would do it of course, but that seems overkill.

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Maybe to record two macros: one that starts the C# add-ins and stops the C++ add-ins, and the other doing the oposite? Then run one of the macros after starting IDE?

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Add .cs to the Extensions to ignore list in the VA Options dialog (Projects | File Handling) - but also report problems you are experiencing to Whole Tomato

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