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I'm connecting to a remote server with apache http client. the remote server sends a redirect, and i want to achieve that my client isn't following the redirect automatically so that i can extract the propper header and do whatever i want with the target.

i'm looking for a simple working code sample (copy paste) that stops the automatic redirect following behaviour.

i found Preventing HttpClient 4 from following redirect, but it seems i'm too stupid to implement it with HttpClient 4.0 (GA)

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The default HttpClient implementation is pretty limited in configurability, but you can control the redirect handling by using HttpClient's boolean parameter http.protocol.handle-redirects.

See the docs for reference.

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a simple example of this can be found here –  TheWestIsThe... Jun 9 at 12:49

The magic, thanks to macbirdie , is:


Imports are left out, here's a copy paste sample:

HttpClient httpclient = new DefaultHttpClient();
HttpContext localContext = new BasicHttpContext();

// HTTP parameters stores header etc.
HttpParams params = new BasicHttpParams();

// Create a local instance of cookie store
CookieStore cookieStore = new BasicCookieStore();

// Bind custom cookie store to the local context
localContext.setAttribute(ClientContext.COOKIE_STORE, cookieStore);

// connect and receive 
HttpGet httpget = new HttpGet("http://localhost/web/redirect");
response = httpclient.execute(httpget, localContext);

// obtain redirect target
Header locationHeader = response.getFirstHeader("location");
if (locationHeader != null) {
    redirectLocation = locationHeader.getValue();
  System.out.println("loaction: " + redirectLocation);
} else {
  // The response is invalid and did not provide the new location for
  // the resource.  Report an error or possibly handle the response
  // like a 404 Not Found error.
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Worked like a charm... :) –  Rajan Dec 22 '11 at 6:25

This worked for me:

HttpGet httpGet = new HttpGet("www.google.com");
HttpParams params = httpGet.getParams();
params.setParameter(ClientPNames.HANDLE_REDIRECTS, Boolean.FALSE);
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Worked for me perfectly and needed only minimal changes in code. Thanks. –  Szilard Barany May 15 '12 at 10:23

Rather than use the property directly you can use:

final HttpParams params = new BasicHttpParams();
HttpClientParams.setRedirecting(params, false);
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Using HttpClient 4.3 and Fluent:

final String url = "http://...";
final HttpClient client = HttpClientBuilder.create().disableRedirectHandling().build();
final Executor executor = Executor.newInstance(client);
final HttpResponse response = executor.execute(Request.Get(url)).returnResponse();
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GetMethod method = new GetMethod(url);
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To avoid automatic redirection header, one must first configure the request to not do automatic redirects. You can do this by calling HttPClientParams.setRedirection and set it to false. Code snippet is shown below:

HttpPost postURL = new HttpPost(resourceURL);
HttpClientParams.setRedirecting(postURL.getParams(), false);
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