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How can I acceess objects(divs) that were dynamically generated. I mean DIVS that were not present in output when $(document).ready(function() started.

If I do:

$('#click_me').click(function() {
    $('#container').append('<div id="clicker2">can you click on me?</div>');

$('#clicker2').click(function() {
    alert('hurray, it works');

the clicker2 won't work

How can I fix it? I'm intent to create more than one dynamically. and I want to assign Jquery actions to themt too.

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.click() functions that aren't working on spans or divs that are added later, you'll need to use .live()

$("#clicker2").live("click", function(){
  # do stuff to spans currently existing
  # and those that will exist in the future
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+1 I didn't know live(). Seems to work great! – MaLKaV_eS Oct 5 '09 at 11:39
well my actions get duplicated as well !!!! :( when I do APPEND and then assign action to it. next time I do append and assing action when action is fired up.. it runs twice – David King Oct 5 '09 at 13:11

Create the div explicity and assemble its attributes and events before you append it.

var $div = $('<div />').append('can you click on me?').attr('id', 'clicker2').click(function() {
alert('hurray, it works');
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Just put the click binding inside the first click function:

    $('#container').append('<div id="clicker2">can you click on me?</div>');
    $('#clicker2').click(function(){  alert('hurray, it works');   });

As you have it, the binding is being called, but there is no "div#clicker2" to bind to the second function.

Hope this helps.

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