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So, I want to export my data from database to Ms Word using openXML. I formatting my paragraph as below

para = new Paragraph();
run = new Run(new Text(row["name"].ToString()));

paraProp = new ParagraphProperties();
spacing = new SpacingBetweenLines() { Before = "60", After = "60" };

The problem is some data is empty, and this make my paragraph formatting not working.

I try to add empty space like this

run = new Run(new Text(row["name"].ToString() + " "));

But it also not working.

So how to apply paragraph formatting even the data is empty?

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How is the formatting not working exactly? – Muad'dib Apr 1 '13 at 15:09

I am guessing the empty paragraphs are not spacing properly and causing your formatting issues. Try changing your spacingbetweenlines properties to:

{ After = "60", Before = "60" Line = "240", LineRule = LineSpacingRuleValues.Exact};

The Line value is the height of the line and the and the LineRule sets how the before and after are applied to the paragraph.

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