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I am working in native application using objective C in Xcode.My application is having SUP 2.1.3 as middleware.My application is working fine with simulator in which I have used .a files from Debug-iPhone-Simulator.Then I created another workspace and a new project over there and used '.a' files from Debug-iPhone-OS.I anm using a valid provisioning certificate.In the settings I have changed the bundle identifier to the correct one .Also did proper code signing.

Application has deployed on to the device(iPad).I have registered my iPad in SCC.And I used the same username,app ID,activation code etc in my connection code.But even if the synchronizations happened,device is not showing online in SCC.Why it is so?

Can anyone please help me to find the reason? Xcode version: 4.3.2 iPad iOS version:5.1.1 simulator version is 5.1

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you should use startconnection to get the device show as online in SCC –  Rakshi Mar 4 '13 at 8:14
@Rakshi :app is working fine...My only problem is it is not showing online in SCC I have written the following code in my connection code: if([supApplication connectionStatus] == SUPRegistrationStatus_REGISTERED) { [app startConnection:0]; } else { [app registerApplication:0]; } –  iOSiOS Mar 4 '13 at 9:06
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