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I have started working on eclipse recently. In eclipse xtext my grammar is:

    reg_type=reg_type1 "{" reg_definition+=reg_definition1+ "}"

reg_type1 :

    name=ID '[' regSize=INT ']''{' (regFieldssss=regFieldsdefRule) '}'

    name="DESCRIPTION" '=' descStr=STRING ';'

Then after Run_as -> Eclipse_application in final.sts file I can write a code as:

    reg [5] { 
        DESCRIPTION = "register" ;

In the outline view I will get tree as below:

           -> <unnamed>
             -> <unnamed>
             -> reg
               -> <unnamed>

I wanted to remove those fields in outline tree. Finally outline tree should look something like:


Please anyone can tell me how to implement this?

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I cannot reproduce your Outline tree given your grammar and your input. Did you use Xtext 2.4? –  A.H. Apr 15 '13 at 20:17
No, I am using xtext-2.2.1 –  ziga Apr 24 '13 at 6:47
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The outline is computed by an IOutlineTreeProvider. The default Xtext project setup generates an empty stub for you in the *.ui project (named MydslnameOulineTreeProvider). This stub inherits inherits from DefaultOutlineTreeProvider. Inside the stub you can add customizations. Please refer to the documentation here at for the details of this customization.

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