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Out of curiosity, I am posting this question here.

Can anyone please shed some knowledge on whats the difference under Shopping Cart Rule for Condtions vs Actions

I can make any rule using actions so whats the use of Conditions and in which situations to use it ?

Moreover If I create a Rule having coupon code and amount and use Action in it, can I show that coupon code on my product details page ?

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Condition = What are the condition to enable the rules


Action = On which product do you apply the rules.

Example if you're rules is productA get 10% discount

Condition = no condition, this rule always apply

Action = 10% if SKU is productA

Example 2 if you're rule is productA get 10% only if you have at least 3 productB in your cart

Condition = quantity in the cart of productB is greater than 2

Action = 10% is SKU is productA

Discount will only get applied on productA, but there is a condition to have this discount applied (have 3 productB or more in your cart).

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