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I am using CMake version In one of the build.make files it's generating a version.h file by echoing the contents of the file. This is the command:

echo \#define QGSVERSION \"1c2b025\" >C:/dev/cpp/Quantum-build/qgsversion.h

It ends up in the .h file as

\#define  QGSVERSION \"1c2b025\"

When compiling, I get errors about stray '\' in program.

It's the \# before the define that is the problem. It looks like CMake wants to escape the # with a \. How do I work around this?

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Could you please explain what you want to do rather than how you did it? Because echoing file seems wrong to me. – ixSci Mar 4 '13 at 8:30
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There was a problem in the provided CMakeLIst.txt file. In the CMakeList.txt file it was stated

\\\#define QGSVERSION \\\"${REVISION}\\\" >${CMAKE_CURRENT_BINARY_DIR}/qgsversion.h

Where it should have been


The escape sequences was not correct.

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