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I am using Java Standalone APIs of Sikuli to automate my application.

I don't know how to provide/feed some text to any text-fields using this.

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Assuming that the cursor is currently active in a text field:

Keyboard kb = new DesktopKeyboard();
kb.type("Hello world");

Or, assuming that the field accepts paste and that you don't need to simulate the individual key-presses

kb.paste("Hello world");

If you have a set of fields and tab moves between them, you can do

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Since the question is quite broad to answer, I'm giving you some useful links. You can find the Java development setup basis on the Sikuli Documentation.

Here's a more in-depth tutorial that also covers your exact problem, and all the available Javadocs.

Just use the type() method on the desidered locator.

With Sikuli-api try

Keyboard keyboard = new DesktopKeyboard();

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Your links refer only to the Sikuli script jar, but this question was about the java standalone API which is (at the time of writing) an incompatible rewrite of the script API. –  Carl Pritchett Apr 11 '13 at 3:52
added this reference , thanks for pointing the difference out. –  Alessandro Da Rugna Apr 11 '13 at 6:41

you can also use sikuli method type() in java program.


 Screen screen=new Screen();

1st create object for screen. then call method type() using that reference.

screen.type("your text");
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