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Required an outlook macro or an excel macro to automate the following process.

More than 30 (30 to 70) outlook mails are stored in “C:\Test” folder in .msg format. These mails contain information relating to- From, Sent, To, Subject, and Body The Body of the mail is always 2 lines of text. Two separate paragraphs of 1 line each.

One macro enabled excel file “Test.xlsm” is also stored in the “C:\Test” folder. The excel file has only one sheet tab (Sheet1), which has six columns as follows- A1 = “From”; B1 = “Sent”; C1 = “To”; D1 = “Subject”; E1 = “Body Line 1”; and F1 = “Body Line 2”.

The first row in the excel file is the Header row. The information from the first mail is required in the second row of excel The information from the second mail is required in the third row of excel And so on…. Till the end of number of mail .msg files

Tools used – Excel 2010 and Outlook 2010

Folder path – C:\Test

Please Help. Thank you.

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