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I have this code that goes through an array of 5000 ASCII values of characters and then counts the number of each character and stores it into an array in alphabetical order.


    la $s7,results

array1 is the array of 5000 ASCII characters

    la $s6,array1

    addi $s0,$zero, 5000
    addi $s3, $zero,96
    addi $s4, $zero,65
    loop:lw $s2,0($s6)
         addi $s6,$s6,4
         addi, $s5,$zero, 0
         addi $s0,$s0, -1
         bge $s2, $s3, convert

The substaction of of $s2, - $s4($s4 is @ )is to get the positon of where the count needs to be stored ex F - @ = 6

         sub $s5, $s2, $s4

I was wondering if this was right for it getting to the correct position and to increment the count?

        addi $t1, $t1, 1
        loop2: addi $s7, $s7, 4
                lw $t0,($s7)
                add $t0, $t0, $t1
                sw $t0,($s7)  
                addi, $s5,$s5, -1
                beq $s5, $zero, loop2   
         bne $s0,$zero, loop    

This converts the character to an upper case ASCII value.

   convert: subi $s2,$s2, 32
        addi $s5, $s5, 0
        sub $s5, $s2, $s4
        j loop2


   results: .space 128  # Words to be used to store results
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