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as the title says... how can i convert a word in an operator? i have a script in AJAX

function calcPrice(elem,id,pret,i){

   type: "POST",
   url: "data.php",
   data: "action=calcPrice&sign="+elem.className+"&id="+id+"&pret="+pret,
   success: function(msg){
    hcont = get_response_tag('tag1',msg);
    hcont2 = get_response_tag('tag2',msg);

    if(elem.className=='plus'){ $("#p_row_"+i).removeClass("row_plus").addClass("row_minus"); elem.className = 'minus'; }
    else{  $("#p_row_"+i).removeClass("row_minus").addClass("row_plus"); elem.className = 'plus'; }


which when i click on a plus (or minus) sign, it returns a value and the word "plus" or "minus". in data.php i want to be able to make arithmetic based on the "plus" or "minus" words or convert those words in operators...

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if($operator == "plus") {
    return $val1 + $val2;
} elseif($operator == "minus") {
    return $val1 - $val2;

IS the simplest example. In reality, you should probably send the request to a different endpoint based on which operation they click.

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And to be sure, add parseInt to the elements. –  Dainis Abols Mar 4 '13 at 8:33
maybe a (float) ? –  Mihai Iorga Mar 4 '13 at 8:33
Or a parseFloat, depending on the element types :) –  Dainis Abols Mar 4 '13 at 8:33
thanks all to such prompt responses... i am new to this... –  unknown Mar 4 '13 at 8:38

Try like:

   return $a + $b;
   return $a - $b;
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Using preg_replace here is ideal. You can use this function to replace patterns in a string with other patterns. Read the documentation

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