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I have a question about usercontrol components. I can't find a way to describe it, so I'll tell you what I have and what is the problem.

My project has to have multiple user controls, which can be dragged and resized. There is a main user control UC, which has two pictureBoxes in two corners of it. One for resize function, and one for drag function.


Basically, when I create a new userControl, it has those pictureboxes, because the program must have an option to drag them all, no matter how many userControls are created.

This is how it looks, if 3 iherited usercontrols are created:

enter image description here

Now the problem:

  1. User control class doesn't see panels&stuff on the form. I googled it a bit and stumbled upon custom events, but I don't understand them one bit.
  2. How can I tell which user control I must drag if there are 3 pictureboxes with the same name?

I'm stuck here, any help appreciated.

Developer in training

sorry for link-pictures, but I have only 5 reputation. Adding images requires 10 reputation...

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You question is vague. Do you want to know "How to implement resizing and moving in the UserControl"? It doesn't matter if you have 1 or 3 controls on the form. If you implement the resize and move (in the user control), it works for all. – Mohammad Dehghan Mar 4 '13 at 10:13
The thing is that I can't implement it, because when I try to write a drag event, it does not see the panel in the namespace. – Mārtiņš Radiņš Mar 4 '13 at 10:48

Every control has Left, Top, Width and Height properties that control the placement and size of the control inside its containers.

You don't need to see the Panel, however if you need to, you can access the Parent property of the control.

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