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Can anybody guide me an API with which I can tell pjsip to use my own local ports (UDP) to be used for media? At the time of SDP negotiation, I read that I can get to know about active local SDP by calling pjmedia_sdp_neg_get_active_local(), and active remote SDP by calling pjmedia_sdp_neg_get_active_remote().

But for an outgoing call, I need to create custom SDP with just modifying local ports.

Thus, Is there a way to tell PJSIP not to open its ports for media, and use custom ports created by application?

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you can do it, for that you should use only pjsip core library and remove other libraries from the pjsip such as pjmedia,codec,nath etc. even i need the samething i.e pjsip only for sip messaging but its really difficult( my exp) still im not able to separate it correctly.

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