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My script will print output in label. My window size is 100 lines length. Please let me know how to show more than the window data in lable. Ex: 200 lines output.

I have problem with textfield output. so using only label. Is there any way of scroll the text in lable??

Thanks Sri

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What is label? You are likely to get a better response if you tag the question with what the question is concerned with.

This may or not be of any help; the special variable $= holds output page-size by line. You might be able to localise for the print. (If it is still in use).

my $perlvar = 'hello'."\n" x 150;
 local $= = 200; # set page-size to 200 on default output filehandle
 print $perlvar;
 # $= returns to default page-size on default output filehandle

perlvar is also the name of the perldoc which tells about perl variables

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Thanks for the response. –  user1840969 Mar 5 '13 at 3:50

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