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Using Facebook graph API I can get the fb access token. And to do so I have to visit the to allow the application to access my data through the Login dialog.

Is there any way to get the Facebook access token, by using account id and password, from API, without visiting / without any application ?

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User access token:

If you want to get user access token then the answer is NO. You cannot access user access token without making the user visit facebook.

Do some reading on OAuth and understand what is its concept

App access token:

If you mean application access token then you can make a curl call to facebook. See here for details

Facebook's access token documentation explains the different types of Access tokens and how to obtain and use them - all user access tokens will require direct interaction from a user though

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Then how we can allow the publish_actions permissions to the app without visiting facebook? – Rana Muhammad Usman Mar 4 '13 at 10:06
@RanaMuhammadUsman you can't. Thats the point... – Liam Mar 4 '13 at 10:37

No, this breaks the convention on OAuth. The idea is that the user gives you access to their Facebook page without releasing their username and password to you.

Facebook still controls all the usernames and passwords and the user knows they are only logging into Facebook and you are not siphoning off their username and password for your own means

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Yes you can, is kind of a blackhat technique tho

you should make all the ajax calls programmatically, it is a nightmare but i managed to do it for a client so is possible, good luck

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