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does anyone know if Windows Azure does (or plan to) support the SPDY protocol? I didn't find anything so I guess it is not supported yet...

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Two answers:

1) To support SPDY, the HTTP/HTTPS load balancers must support NPN negotiation as part of the SSL handshake. I don't believe the existing LB's have support for this, hence you won't be able to use the platform LB's.

2) If you configure the load balancers as simple TCP proxies, and push the SSL negotiation down to your app servers, then you can deploy an app server which can perform NPN negotiation (for example, Apache with mod_spdy, or node-spdy, etc).

Same strategy applies for AWS as well.

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thanks for your answer! –  mvieghofer Mar 6 '13 at 9:44

Just thought I would add a link to the feature request made for SPDY support on Azure.


From the Azure team - It is planned but will take a long time to implement.

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