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I've got an image gallery which is dynamically populated using a database query. From here I've got colorbox working so that when you click the image it loads the image and allows you to click next/prev to work your way through the images - pretty standard stuff.

What I've then done is add a pinterest button to the colorbox so when the colorbox loads the user has the option to pin the image they're looking at.

        height: '415px',

          // variables used to build pinterest URL
          var baseurl = '';
          var imgsrc = $(this).children('img').attr('src'); 
          var desc = $(this).children('img').attr('alt');

            "<div id='pinterest'><a data-pin-config='none' href='//" + baseurl + "&media=" + imgsrc + "&description=" + desc + "' data-pin-do='buttonPin'><img src='' alt='Pin it' /></a></div>"

Now from the code above I'm opening the colorbox and adding a class purely for styling purpose when it opens. After that I'm setting a few variables which will help me build the URL which is set to pinterest with the information.

This works fine if I'm clicking each image individually. However as soon as I click the next/prev buttons I want it to update the URL with the image name and description of the current image the user is looking at.

Any help would be great!

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Use the onComplete callback to update the href attribute of your anchor element.

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