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I want to use Monotouch.Dialog for the first screen (after login in) that shows all the 'things' a user can do (just a simple grouped table style). I know I can achieve this very easily with Dialog, but I want to open my own screens when selecting an item (RootElement) from this list.

How can I achieve this?

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If you nest the RootElements Monotouch.Dialog will automatically open the new screen when it is clicked. If you need more control over the process you can override Selected method and open the screen according to your needs.

Have a look at section 3.1 at Introduction to MonoTouch.Dialog

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I missed this 'Selected' method. I'll try this one... –  Peesjee Mar 4 '13 at 10:14
Works perfectly ! Created my own RootElement with the Selected method overridden... Thx for the quick reply –  Peesjee Mar 4 '13 at 10:24

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