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I'm trying to write in a TextEdit file already created. The file is in rwxrwxrwx mode so no permission problem.

But when I execute my code, here is the error :

error "Network file permission error." number -5000 from file "/Users/me/Desktop/A directory/file.txt" to «class fsrf»

My code here :

-- Writing in the TextEdit file
set file_URLs_content to "HEEEELLOOOOOO"
tell application "TextEdit"
    set theFile to "/Users/me/Desktop/A directory/file.txt"
    set file_ref to (open for access file theFile with write permission)
    set eof file_ref to 0
    write file_URLs_content to file_ref
    close access file_ref
end tell

And my file.txt is still empty, how can I avoid this error ?

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You don't need TextEdit for that. Try this:

set the logFile to ((path to desktop) as text) & "log.txt"
set the logText to "This is a text that should be written into the file"
    open for access file the logFile with write permission
    write (logText & return) to file the logFile starting at eof
    close access file the logFile
on error
        close access file the logFile
    end try
end try
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set file_URLs_content to "HEEEELLOOOOOO"
set filePath to POSIX path of (path to desktop as text) & "file.txt"
do shell script "echo " & quoted form of file_URLs_content & " > " & quoted form of filePath
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