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I am new to ASP .net C# i created registration,login and member profile page

after all validations data is stored in database.. and login page also working fine...

i dont know about sessions ..how can i create session and how to make login module more effective using sessions?

thanks in advance

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  1. Session is Per User basis.
  2. You can store the session in SqlServer for to reduce the load on the server

you can create Session like this


to read this value

  //use the Session values. 

you can use Forms Authentication for Better Approach for login . Forms Authentication

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A session is something the asp.net engine creates for you each time a user logins. This is a good article to start: Asp.net Session

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Using the Session is an easy way to transfer values.

You can do something like this:

Create a session variable:

Session["name"] = "Any Name";

Now, let's make a condition with this variable in another class:

if(Session["name"] == "Any Name")
    //To do Your Code Here
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