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I have a EAR file with the following Structure


    - lib
      // libraries (.jar) here
    - weblogic-application.xml
  - module1.war
  - moduleJar.jar
  - module1.war
  - customlib.jar

Under Module1.war, I have updated the Web.xml and later I need to deploy the same Ear file, what is the better way to do this with out the ANT Script and Just from the Command Prompt.

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By using 7zip software whit out extracting we can edit the files in war,ear and jar.

right click on .ear->.7zip->select 'open archive'

in side that select 'module1.war'->open

like this you can reach to web.xml there select Edit on web.xml add or delete your lines.

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Thanks its worked very easily and Saved my lot of time.. –  gmhk Mar 4 '13 at 11:19

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