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I am developing iPhone app for iOS 5 or above version, and making use of storyboard for UI design. My problem is when i am on phone call my UI gets misaligned because my upper status bar is taking 20 to 30 pixel of screen space.

Sorry unable to upload image here so please click here to see image

My question is how to handle my UI when i am on phone call?

Thanks in advance.

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I finally got answer for my question. Following are the things i made changes in my project and everything started working fine.

  1. Took sliced images of all the things needed in my UI. (Initially i was taking common image to save slicing time)
  2. Made you of autoResizingMask property. It help me save my lots of time. Just make sure only 3 arrows top, left and right one is in ON state and your work is over.

For making everyones search easy i will add following Stackoverflow links to save your time

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Thanks to all the people who have replied to all the questions above. It made my big problem resolved.

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