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I am new to Android. I am using the reusable code, so I convert that to JAR file. I am using images from JAR source res folder. I have accessed those images by "R.drawable.imagename" in library source. While I am converting the library source to JAR, I have export those res folder. If I am using the JAR in another android application, that will be crashed. I have followed the link below to convert the library source to JAR.


Where I am doing things wrong.? Is there any another procedure to convert the android library project to JAR with resources.? or Is there any wrong in accessing the res folder image in android library source.?

Please help.

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Resource packaging in library projects is not supported by android build tools. You will have to provide a separate zip for res folder along with the jar file.

Code goes in jar (for library) or dex (for app). Resources are separately bundled into apk file. Hence the SDK resource packager tool works only when you are exporting an apk file.

Yes, a jar file can contain resources, but, dependent android project's won't look up in jar file for resources.

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But in this link "developer.android.com/tools/projects/…; under "Library projects cannot include raw assets" this topic, we can found res/ folder is supported in JAR. –  Karthick Mar 4 '13 at 11:24
Oh. There is no procedure for exporting res folder along with the JAR. Thank you very much. –  Karthick Mar 4 '13 at 11:31
Hi,Is there any link deals with unable to exporting JAR with res folder.? I am tired of googling. If you know please help me. –  Karthick Mar 4 '13 at 11:34
@Karthick You can package resource and make a jar file, that's possible. But android project structure demands that resources to be in its res folder only. Hence, resources packaged in that jar are useless. –  S.D. Mar 4 '13 at 11:37
Yes, If I am place the images which are same name and resolution as in the library source in the target android application, it seems working fine. –  Karthick Mar 4 '13 at 11:40
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