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I'm developing an Outlook 2010 addin in Visual Studio 2010.

I have created a custom Form Region that is going to implement the messageClass called:


This class is going to be assigned to processed messages by an application using exchange web services that will run nightly. This is tested and working ok. When the Form Region is loading I can recover the:

message.MessageClass as "IPM.Note.Archivado"

Ok, What I need now, It's to assign a different inbox icon to the messages that matches that messageClass, so I used the property panel in the custom Region Form and selected icons for read, forwared, default, actions without problem.

I can achieve this if I choose the FormRegionType as replacement or Replace-ALL in the manifest, but what I need is this form windows to be AdJoining.

When the formRegionType is adjoining I can not get the assigned icons to load in the inbox panel.

I have been reading a lot of documentation but I can't find the solution to my problem.

Here it's form Region definition:

        public partial class FormRegionMessageClassArchivadoFactory
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For custom Outlook icons - you must use a replacement form region. If you need an adjoining form region - you need to create another class. You can have multiple form regions targeting the same message class. I've used both replacement and adjoining form regions for IPM.Note.XXXX.

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