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I've been developing for some time. And these beasts appear from time to time in MFC, wxWidgets code, and yet I can't find any info on what they do exactly.

As I understand, they appeared before dynamic_cast was integrated into core C++. And the purpose, is to allow for object creation on the fly, and runtime dynamic casts.

But this is where all the information I found, ends.

I've run into some sample code that uses DECLARE_DYNAMIC_CLASS and IMPLEMENT_DYNAMIC_CLASS within a DLL, and that is used for exported classes. And this structure confuses me.

Why is it done this way? Is that a plugin based approach, where you call LoadLibrary and then call the CreateDynamicClass to get a pointer which can be casted to the needed type?

Does the DECLARE/IMPLEMENT_DYNAMIC work over DLL boundaries? Since even class is not so safe to DLLEXPORT, and here we have a custom RTTI table in addition to existing problems.

Is it possible to derive my class from a DYNAMIC_CLASS from another DLL, how would it work?

Can anyone please explain me what these things are for, or where I can find more than a two sentences on a topic?

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You may find this answer useful:… – snowdude Mar 4 '13 at 12:10
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This stuff appends addional type information to your class, which allows to RTTI in runtime-independent manner, possibility of having factories to create your classes and many other things. You can find similar approach at COM, QMetaObject, etc

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Does it mix with cross module approaches? If the objects are declared in one module, and used in another? Where is the type lookup table stored in general? – Coder Mar 4 '13 at 23:40
As said in it is stored as linked list of static wxClassInfo instances. It is safe to use that across modules boundaries. But safeness of using that classes depends on their crossmodule safeness, just like in COM. QueryInterface is COM analogue of dynamic_cast, but if your interface uses classes like std::vector(memory layout may differ at Debug/Release/Runtime ver) their usage is unasafe – kassak Mar 5 '13 at 12:55

Have you looked at the definitions of DECLARE/IMPLEMENT_DYNAMIC?

In the MS world, all uppercase usually denotes a macro, so you can just look up the definition and try to work out what it's doing from there. If you're in Visual Studio, there's a key you can hit to jump to the definition - see what it says, and look that up and try to work from there.

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