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I'm new on Backbone and I'm trying to click on a Button on the toolbar (located on toolbar div), the button is called "New". After click I want to open a new panel on a different div with id= "app-list".

But when pressing on the new button it always override the "app-list" div

Here is my code(I'm using Backbone and coffeescript):

class MyApp.Views.ToolbarAppView extends Backbone.View
  el: "#toolbar-app"

  events: "click #add_new": "newApp"

  newApp: (e) ->
    myapp = new MyApp.Models.App
    @model = myapp
    newPanel = new MyApp.Views.NewAppView({ el: @$el, model: @model, parent: @})

 class MyApp.Views.NewAppView extends Backbone.View
   template: JST["myapp", "new_app_view"]

   render: ->
     fieldsPanel = new MyApp.Views.EditAppView({ el: @$el, model: @model, parent: @})

class MyApp.Views.EditAppView extends Backbone.View
  template: JST["myapp", "edit_app_view"]
  tagName: "tr"
  className: "edit_data"

  render: ->
    @$el.html(@template({ el: @$el, model: @model, parent: @})
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Without knowing how your HTML structure looks, it's not easy to deduce what might be the problem. However, there's something funny going on these two lines here:

fieldsPanel = new MyApp.Views.EditAppView({ el: @$el, model: @model, parent: @})

In the constructor you set the view's el to the ToolbarAppView's el, and on the following line you change the element to another one.

Try replacing the two lines with the following:

fieldsPanel = new MyApp.Views.EditAppView({ el:'#app-list', model: @model, parent: @})

If that fails, consider editing your question with more info, especially regarding the relevant parts of your HTML templates.

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