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I'm struggling on a SQL-query... I have three tables:

1) jobs

2) paper1

3) paper2

paper1 and paper2 have a colum job_id where the corresponding job-id is referenced; so the job with the id 123 has a paper1.job_id of 123.

Now I want to see all jobs that have a corresponding paper1 but no paper2 (thus: unfinished, since paper1 and paper2 are requirements for the job to be fulfilled). My attempt was like this, but it didn't work out correctly:

FROM   jobs 
WHERE  (SELECT id FROM paper1 WHERE (job_id = != 0 LIMIT 1) 
AND    (SELECT id FROM paper2 WHERE (job_id =  = NULL LIMIT 1)

Any help is appreciated; thanks.

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Select job_id 
FROM paper1 
WHERE job_id NOT IN (Select job_id from paper2 group by paper2)

GROUP BY job_id;
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thanks a lot! This approach is nearly 12(!) times faster than AnatolyS' approach – Martin Mar 7 '13 at 8:42
select id 
from jobs 
where exists (select from paper1 as p1 where p1.job_id =
    and not exists (select from paper2 as p2 where p2.job_id =
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brilliant; thanks a lot. – Martin Mar 4 '13 at 12:48

According to my understanding i think you want only the jobs which are only in paper1 but not in paper2 if thats the requirement then try the below code

select * from jobs where id in (select distinct j1 from 
(select a.job_id as j1,b.job_id as j2 from paper1 a,paper2 b where a.job_id=b.job_id(+)) 
where j2 is null)
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