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Hi I am testing and trying to insert a record in relationship table but without success. I am trying to enter new row in relationship table using logic hook when I do Save in Contacts module but instead of that I am getting blank index.php page. Where is the problem? thank you


    class User_hook {

        function insert()
            $instance=new ContactOpportunityRelationship();

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The correct syntax should be

$contactId = '96163e07-f55a-eb87-251f-513482e4a1da';
$oppId = 'c99178c5-fed5-7092-4a79-4e1da40a1eea';
$oContact = BeanFactory::getBean('Contacts', $contactId);
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tahnk you a lot!! you solved it!!! –  Dejan Mar 6 '13 at 18:04
could you please maybe help me with this one? stackoverflow.com/questions/15254673/… I want to get some pop up when clicking Save (first with some message later I would like to add OK and Cancel options). Thank you in advance –  Dejan Mar 6 '13 at 18:05
What if I dont know the value of oppID ? How do I get that ? –  user3286692 Jun 21 at 4:30
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