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Let's say I have two classes with the same name ("Bar") in different modules (the global namespace / no namespace and "Foo") in a Rails application. Both classes live in "app/models/bar.rb" or in "app/models/foo/bar.rb" respectively and are thereby autoloaded by rails.

# "app/models/foo/bar.rb"
module Foo
  class Bar
    def self.some_method

# "app/models/bar.rb"
class Bar

I have another class in the Foo namespace that uses the Bar class in a class method.

module Foo
  class Qux
    class << self
      def something
        Bar.some_method # This raises a NoMethod error because
                        # it uses the Bar defined in the global namespace
                        # and not the one in Foo

Rails autoloading tries to load Bar using the current classes name, which is nil in the singleton class, and defaults to "Object".

klass_name = name.presence || "Object"  # from active_support/dependencies.rb

This causes Rails to load Bar from "app/models/bar.rb" instead of "app/models/foo/bar.rb". If I define Qux.something with def self.something then .name is "Foo::Qux" instead of nil and the autoloading works correctly.

I see 3 options for at the moment to work around this problem:

1) Rename one of the Bar classes
2) use the self. syntax everywhere
3) Namespace Bar with Foo::Bar explicitly everywhere

I don't like any of these options because:

1) Bar is just the name that fits the best
2) class << self is perfectly fine by itself and used by most ruby developers, so the chance is high that the next poor guy stumbles over the same issues again soon
3) Same as 2), it doesn't really fix the underlying "Problem" and somebody will waste some time in the future to figure out why his code doesn't work as expected.

Is there another, better option you can think of?

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did you see this one: youtube.com/watch?v=8lYR9WxIRH0 i think it covers some of your topics –  phoet Mar 4 '13 at 15:27

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