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Any time I try to publish my Portal project on a Websphere Portal 6.1 Server, I get the following error message:

Portal project publishing is not supported on WebSphere Portal v6.1 Server

Is that really true or have I done something wrong?

I'm trying to deploy a portal project, with the underlying goal of publishing a new theme.

Unfortunately, any time I try to deploy, I get the error message listed above from the IDE and no errors in the console.

The RAD version is

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Not sure this will help, but:

Limitation: Although the WebSphere Portal installer contains an advanced option to install an empty portal, Portal Designer relies on administration portlets for setting access control; therefore, publishing a portal project to an empty portal is not supported.

Are you trying to deploy a portlet or an entire portal project? What version of RAD are you using? Any other information in the error log? (Both within RAD & on WP server) Is the error message posted verbatim?

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It is possible to deploy such a project to a WebSphere Portal. I use v6.2 and deploy portlets, which are parts of a big Portal project, every day. I'm only a starter in such a stuff, but I can say that WebSphere is really buggy. You know, it is a big difference to run a deployed app "locally, in a workspace" or "on a server". I suggest you to work out with server options - administrative console.

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