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I'm trying to write a function that takes a long string of text, identifies place holders within the text, and prompts the user to supply a value that should take the place of the placeholder. The markup for the placeholders looks similar to markdown used for images or links:

some text, some more text, ?[name][description] more text, not just commas

Where name and description are arbitrary runs of text. When I've found these placeholders, I want to pop up a nicely formatted dialog, using the names and descriptions, and have the user supply a replacement value.

I already have a nice function (called htmlPrompt) available where you hand it a piece of HTML (for the main part of the prompt), has a text box, and then calls a callback function you've supplied with the result (or null if Cancel is pressed), with the following signature:

function (htmlText, inputStartValue, callback)

Before plugging in this function, I wrote the rough and ready:

myText = myText.replace(/(\?\[(.+)\][ ]?(?:\n[ ]*)?\[(.+)\])/g,
   function (wholematch, m1, m2, m3) {
  var repValue = prompt(m2);
  if (repValue == null)
    return m1;
  return repValue;

Which uses the DOM built-in prompt method - which doesn't really do an adequate job for me, when it comes to formatting.

However, I can't think of a way of plugging in htmlPrompt - it only simulates a modal dialog and provides the final result by calling callback.

I did think of trying to manually do the replacements, using the results from match rather than replace - but so far as I can see, the values returned by match are just strings - they don't give you anything useful (such as the location of the match within the overall text).

Or do you think I'm going about this completely wrong? The overall flow I want is:

  • Find each placeholder in the text
  • Prompt the user for a replacement, using both the name and description values
  • Replace the placeholder expressions in the text with the user supplied value.
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why cant you modify htmlPrompt so that it returns the input instead of calling the callback function? –  palindrom Mar 4 '13 at 13:24
@palindrom - because it's based on a model of simulating a modal dialog - by placing an un-editable window-sized div behind the div that contains the UI for the dialog, then exiting all currently running user javascript and letting the normal browser event loop run - which is fairly standard under javascript. –  Damien_The_Unbeliever Mar 4 '13 at 13:33

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For each of the name and description tupples:

First use match to read name and desription. Prompt user. Then use replace to replace those.

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I did something similar to this, but using search instead of max, and moving chunks of text from a before string to an after string so that I didn't have to keep searching text that I new no longer contained the placeholders. –  Damien_The_Unbeliever Mar 7 '13 at 14:47

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