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General info [optional]:
I have recently acquantied with static & dynamic libraries.
Now I am trying to learn how to use DLLs, I try to immitate all possible variants of usage in order to encounter possible bottlenecks and methods to prevent them.

My goal:
Is to find out how to export a global variable from a DLL which was compiled with one compiler for ex. VS compiler (IDE Visual studio 2010) to the client which was compiled using another compiler MingW(IDE Qt Creator 5.0). Actually I am interested in specific case, not common, but if info for common case will be provided - it will be great.
Also important that connection of the dll to the client is implicit(not expilcit then we manually connect library).
Also I have posed such question because it is interesting for me how to support a client`s application by providing updated dll, because version of compiler used for client and dll at the beggining of a project can be the same, but as time passes by they may vary, so how to solve this binary compatibility issue?
I got stuck trying to export an array defined in dll to the client.
DLL & Client

        /* header file. Is used by both: dll and client */
#ifdef EXPORT
    #define MYLIB __declspec(dllexport)
    #define MYLIB __declspec(dllimport)

extern "C" { // My be this directive not supported by MingW???

#ifdef VS2010 
    extern MYLIB char ImplicitDLLName[];
    Q_DECL_IMPORT extern char ImplicitDLLName[];


/* .cpp file in dll: */
#define EXPORT ""
#define VS2010 ""
char ImplicitDLLName[] = "MySUMoperator";

Client /* Client .cpp */

void MainWindow::on_pushButtonAdd_clicked()
    // ...


Attempt to use the array in the Client results in the following error raised by the linker:

 error: undefined reference to `_imp__ImplicitDLLName'

I am aware of names mangling and compatibilty issue that may arise from that, but I am trying to resolve it by disabeling it using

extern "C"{} 

By the error returned from the clients linker I can tell that I have failed to disable it, because it reports that reference on _imp__ImplicitDLLName wasnt found, so I guess that it is ImplicitDLLName only decorated with additional symobls(name mangling).
I wonder may be this issue arose due to different implementation of arrays in different compilers or alignment of arrays in memory??
Question: how to solve this binary comptability issue??

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Why do you use 'extern MYLIB' in the export, but 'Q_DECL_IMPORT extern' in the import? –  john.pavan Mar 4 '13 at 13:33
Because DLL is compiled and built in Visual Studio 2010 where is used Microsoft compiler and __declspec(dllexport) is a Microsoft specific for exporting from dll and in Qt I use MingW compiler –  spin_eight Mar 4 '13 at 19:14

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