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I am new to knife and chef configuration management system, I was trying to create a ec2 ubuntu instance node using knife command line too.

I am able to run knife node list and knife node show node_name. But when ever I run the following command I get an error message also it says use -i instead of -I.

knife ec2 server create -I ami-10206d42 -S ~/key.pem -i ~/key.pem  --region ap-southeast-1  --flavor t1.micro --ssh-user ubuntu --groups default

This is the error message

Fog::Compute::AWS::NotFound: The key pair '~/key.pem' does not exist

Thought the key is present in the home folder.

Kindly help me

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Replace ~ with real path (or $HOME). I guess the tilde is not expanded properly. – Draco Ater Mar 5 '13 at 7:21
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As has been mentioned, tilde expansion will not work in a Ruby environment without specific code as that's a feature of the shell. You will want an absolute path to handle that.

Edit: Ruby can handle such expansion through File.expand_path

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