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I Have string, from some xml element:

source = "<![CDATA[<p><span stylefontfamily times new romantimesserif fontsize large>Is important ?</span></p>]]


I wanna Remove specified string base on this list:

mustDelWord=["<p>","</p>","<span stylefontfamily times new romantimesserif fontsize large>","</span>"]

So, the expected output is:

<![CDATA[Is important ?]]>

So far code is :

mustDelWord=["<p>","</p>","<span stylefontfamily times new romantimesserif fontsize large>","</span>"]  

for i in mustDelWord:
        source = source.replace(mustDelWord[i],"")
print source

But occur this error:

source = source.replace(mustDelWord[i],"")

TypeError: list indices must be integers, not str


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These are the kind of silly mistakes that can easily be solved if you just try checking the code yourself. In this case, a simple print i would have told you exactly what the problem was. Conversely, having read a basic introduction to Python and learned how for loops in python work, would also have prevented you from needing to come here and waste everyone's time. – Inbar Rose Mar 4 '13 at 13:47
OOT. Sure. Your head shot it's true. It's silly anyway. But thanks a lot for your advice. Sorry if i bother you. Regards. – hepidad Mar 6 '13 at 14:54
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Just change the line to:

source = source.replace(i,"")

This is because the loop for i in mustDelWord already iterates over the elements in the list, not the indices in that list, so you don't have to do mustDelWord[i].

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Thanks David, really Solved. – hepidad Mar 4 '13 at 13:54

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