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Links from the database are website titles and render on the page "Interesting Article: Author" - but occasionally the link is a question "Where's China?: GoogleMaps". The ?: looks silly so I wanted to replace the HTML ?</span>: with ?</span>.

Here is the jQuery I worked out:

$('#relatedinfo ul li a').html().replace('?</span>:','?</span>');

But this doesn't actually replace it in the DOM. How do I get that string to actually change the page?

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I'd suggest:

$('#relatedinfo ul li a').html(function(index,html){
    return html.replace(/<\/span>(\:)/,'');

JS Fiddle demo.

Or even:

$('#relatedinfo ul li a').text(function(index,text){
    return text.replace(':','');

JS Fiddle demo.

An updated approach is to check that the last character in the span is in the array of ['?','!','.'] and, if it is, then to remove the : from the nextSibling's nodeValue:

$('#relatedinfo ul li a span').text(function(index,text){
    var lastchar = text.split('').pop();
    if (['?','!','.'].indexOf(lastchar) > -1) {
        this.nextSibling.nodeValue = this.nextSibling.nodeValue.replace(':','');

JS Fiddle demo.


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Thanks heaps for the answer and apologies for taking so long to get back round to it. The answer is correct but I incorrectly framed my question and so the solution doesn't quite fit my problem. I have forked the fiddle and, using the info you've supplied, worked out the majority of it.... just can't figure out the syntax for OR operands in an if statement. I ended up solving it using != null :) – Daniel May 15 '13 at 5:13

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