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I have installed the openldap version 2.4.23 on windows xp and using the apache DS as a client.I can authenticate users on a client server I set up for testing.

My next step is to turn on a password policy. This is where things have gotten a bit hazy for me and I'm hoping someone can help me out.

i added a password policy also by using the followin command

ldapadd -x -c -f -D "cn=Manager,dc=maxcrc,dc=com" -w secret

but after addition of password policies how do i make them in effect.

The openldap documentation says the password policy module should be configured with the DN of the default policy.

i added the following lines in slapd.conf file

# invokes password policies for this DIT only
overlay ppolicy
# Default ppolicy
ppolicy_default "cn=passwordDefault,ou=policies,dc=maxcrc,dc=com"

but somehow it is not getting loaded , i have already spent more a lot of time on this, but i am not getting the proper guide for the same.

Can anyone shed some light on this in plain, layman's terms?

Thanks in advance.

My ldif file is as follows.

dn: cn=passwordDefault,ou=policies,dc=localdomain,dc=com
objectClass: pwdPolicy
objectClass: person
objectClass: top
cn: passwordDefault
sn: passwordDefault
pwdAttribute: userPassword
pwdCheckQuality: 1
pwdMinAge: 1
pwdMaxAge: 90
pwdMinLength: 6
pwdInHistory: 4
pwdMaxFailure: 3
pwdFailureCountInterval: 0
pwdLockout: TRUE
pwdLockoutDuration: 0
pwdAllowUserChange: TRUE
pwdExpireWarning: 604800
pwdGraceAuthNLimit: 3
pwdMustChange: TRUE
pwdSafeModify: TRUE

after adding this policy and restarting the server i tried changing the password of existing as well as newly added users. The server allows me to change the password to a string with length less than 6 whereas i have mentioned pwdMinLength: 6 in ldif.

as well as i tried changing the password more than once , but it allows me to change the password to recently used password, whereas the pwdInHistory: 4 in ldif.

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Your ldapadd command does not look right, -f takes a filename (usually of an LDIF file). – mr.spuratic Mar 4 '13 at 17:29
It would also help to show us what's in the LDIF file, and what evidence you have that the policy isn't in effect. – EJP Mar 5 '13 at 1:09
@mr.spuratic : i just missed the filename here , the complete ldapadd command is ldapadd -c -f passwordpolicy.ldif -D "cn=Manager,dc=maxcrc,dc=com" -x -w secret – Deepak Patil Mar 5 '13 at 7:12

The password policy only works if you use the extended operation for changing passwords. If you do it just by setting attributes it isn't invoked.

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i did not get what do you mean by "extended operation for changing passwords" , can you please elaborate more. Thanks – Deepak Patil Mar 6 '13 at 13:50
It's described in RFC 3062 - LDAP Password Modify Extended Operation. You could have found that as quickly as I did, and saved yourself 8 hours. – EJP Mar 6 '13 at 22:21

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